Weekend Retreats

**** Please note the change in cost for weekend retreats.  Beginning in the fall of 2012 the new cost for a weekend retreat per person will increase to $110.  We have kept the cost at $95 for over 6 years and the cost of energy has increased dramatically over those 6 yrs.  I am very sorry for any hardship this may cause.  We have tried to stay competitive with alternatives available.****

Friday arrival time        

7:30 pm approximately (we like to begin program by 8:30 pm)

Sunday pick-up time:     1:00 pm promptly (Confirmation retreats arrive at 2:00 pm)

Students are to bring the following items

  •  Sleeping bag or sheets and pillow case, we provide a blanket and pillow.
  • Their own bath towels, washcloths and toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
  • A bottle of soda or juice, and a snack (these are for their consumption during snack time and free time).
  • Also remind students that we have a gift shop here in the chapel with many monastery produced goods; souvenir type items like Frisbees, logo T-shirts and coffee mugs; as well as religious books and gifts.  Often they are disappointed that they didn’t bring any money to purchase items.
  • And most importantly an open heart and mind.

Students should not bring the following items

  • IPods, CD players, radios, laptops, or other electronic devices etc. a retreat is a time away from the many technological distractions.
  • Alcohol or drugs (parents will be promptly called and students sent home).  Prescription and over-the counter medicine should be dispensed by the leader.

Cell Phone Policy

  • Cell Phones are here to stay and have become part of everyone’s life.  We ask that the students keep the cell phones in their rooms turned off and avoid using them except in an emergency.  We know most will respect this policy

A few basic rules of conduct

  • Make sure to include every body in the group no person should feel left out.
  • Almost all groups have couples in them with varying levels of outward affections. Please inform your affectionate pairs that they should avoid all the many amorous forms of touching and cuddling, this often makes others feel uncomfortable. As one youth minister said, boys are blue and girls are pink…there is to be no purpling.
  • No roughhousing, pillow fights, or campstyle pranks
  • The bedrooms are only forsleeping, nobody should spend any time during the day in their rooms.  Boys in boys’ rooms and girls in girls’ rooms.
  • No food or eating in bedrooms, snacks are to be eaten in upper dining room.
  • These are just some of the basics that should be discussed before arrival

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