• Subiaco Retreat House can be easily reached from I-75 by heading north on M-24 (Lapeer Rd.). 

  • From I-69 you would head South on M-24 (Lapeer Rd.) 

  • You can also reach the Retreat House/Monastery via Rochester Rd.
  • There are two ways to get up the hill.  From either M-24 or Rochester Rd. you can use Drahner Rd.  This is scenic but is 3 miles of dirt road coming from either direction. 

  • On the other hand you can take Lakeville Rd. and head up the hill using Hosner Rd.  This way is only a mile of country road.  The one thing to be aware of is that the final block of Hosner is a steep climb which can cause problems in heavy snow or ice. 

  • Also note that if you are using GPS,  it seems that all maps put the entrance about 300 yards east of the entrance.  If you are taking the Hosner route note that when you reach the stop sign the monastery will be directly in front of you.

Subiaco Retreat House        2711 E. Drahner        Oxford, MI       48370     248-891-1192